Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage, also referred to as Medicare Part C, is a type of health insurance plan that covers the same benefits that are covered under traditional Medicare Parts A and B. Instead of having two separate plans, Medicare Advantage combines these into one for ease of use. Additionally, if you seek greater coverage, you can opt-in for coverage that doesn’t traditionally fall under the Original Medicare program for a higher premium.

What is Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C is an appealing Medicare plan that covers everything under Medicare Parts A and B under a single plan with the option to increase coverage with supplemental insurance choices if desired. Under Medicare Parts A and B, people are covered for situations like preventative care, both inpatient and outpatient procedures, medical equipment, and healthcare therapies. If this coverage isn’t enough, additional options are available.

How Much Does Medicare Advantage Cost?

There is no single set cost of Medicare Advantage. Instead, under Medicare Part C are a variety of plans to choose from. Each plan offers you different benefits. Cost also depends on your income. Thus, the premium for Medicare Advantage can significantly vary from plan to plan.

Pros of Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a great program for individuals looking for more choices in their insurance program since there are many programs to choose from. If traditional Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover everything you want in your insurance program, there may be an insurance plan for you under Medicare Advantage.

Learn About the Best Medicare Options for You

If you’re having trouble choosing the best Medicare Plan Options for your lifestyle, Your Senior Insurance can help. We’ll discuss your situation and help determine what coverage you’d most benefit from. Call us today for a consultation. 

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